Mission Statement

I have a profound place in this world to affect hearts and activate change. The making of art is my life and work. Dance is the instrument that embodies that pursuit. I dance because it is how I speak most vividly. I do so to connect with the human form and its capacity to connect to emotion and energy. Through dance, I will open up conversations about the relevancy of the arts and the current social climate of our country. My mission is to create a world of accessibility, especially in the arts. Many times, children are put at an educational disadvantage solely based on where they live. My goal is to help these groups experience the arts by challenging those that keep arts education segregated. Through this method, I believe I have the ability to cultivate lively environments and build powerful communities. 



If something has the power to change the world but can’t reach the world, then what’s the point? My vision is to provide resources like after school arts programs and community performances to those that have limitations by educating communities around them and far beyond. I seek to open up fresh possibilities for others by producing supplies and support for them to grow. Rather than just escaping through dance, I want to affect the world in a greater way. There are forces that move us that we can understand, and others that we cannot. The ultimate purpose in bringing together such forces is to create meaningful movement that quickens our sense of the world. I will work to build a setting that is free of barriers so those behind them can access every opportunity that lies ahead.