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Updated: Apr 8, 2019


You will notice that a lot of my posts for the first few months will be centered around TITAS Presents and my internship. I will be taking the opportunity to blog about my time with the company and all things TITAS.

TITAS or Texas International Theatrical Arts Society was founded in 1982 by co-founders Tom Adams and Gene Leggett. In 2001, Charles Santos became the Executive and Artistic Director of the organization. Though a small team of four, TITAS makes big moves in the Dallas arts scene. Year after year, TITAS brings the most innovative and jaw-dropping performances to the Dallas area.

I first came to know the organization through my high school, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. TITAS brought countless educational opportunities to me and my classmates through renowned dance artists. A lot of the connections I have were because of the relationships developed during that time.

The making and sharing of art is my life and work. I believe that artists have a profound place in this world to affect hearts and activate change. Artists have been known to create lively environments and build powerful communities. TITAS cultivates this by putting great emphasis on arts education and outreach programs. This is why I chose this internship. They do work that is so important to me.

The success of art has to do first and foremost with its accessibility. TITAS recognizes this and puts its best foot forward to provide it. I cannot express my love and support for them more. Continue to look out for this amazing organization and everything they do for Dallas and the arts!

For more information about TITAS, visit their website

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May 8, 2018

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