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Dallas Jungles

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


Yup, that view right above this is what I see from my desk every day. How do they expect me to do any work?

In high school, I literally used to call downtown home. It felt just like that, a second home. I spent my time there Monday through Friday every week for four years. You could call it, my playground.

As an artist, the Dallas Arts District caters to my every need. It’s a creative hub filled with fellow artists and resources that go a long way. I didn’t realize it back then but, with those resources, I could have done anything.

I am now seeing that I can in fact do anything. Me and my friends would often spill about our dreams for our future. A lot of them would be to live in New York and dance for eternity and some would be about our life after dance. Mine was to quite literally be a Charles Santos one day.

We would joke that because of my sense of leadership and my hope to open a business revolved around the arts that I was destined to be just like him. And now, three years later, here I am interning under him. So, dreams do come true.

Although this internship is a small step for me in my long-term plan, it’s a step. Getting this hands-on training has been all the difference. So, keep your dreams big and your hopes up. You might not know it now, but something could be calling you to your home, just wait.

With love,


May 20, 2018

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