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Home Sweet Home

As my internship starts to come to a close, I have begun to reflect on all that I have learned. One thing specifically is how comfortable I feel in my work environment. Being new to something is never easy but there’s always a point where it begins to feel like home.

I remember the first day I walked into my internship, I was so excited but so nervous. Besides actually dancing, it was the first time I felt like I was doing real work that could lead to my future career.

I have been dancing since I was three years old, it just comes naturally to me. Dance in higher education is extremely hard but it’s comforting to know that it’s something so familiar to me. With dance management and administration, it is not quite the same. The fact that it’s focused on the arts peaks my interests but doesn’t ease my anxiousness about starting a new profession.

After working at TITAS Presents for nine weeks, I feel like I have found my niche. Charles and the staff have taken me under their wing and shown me what it’s like to work in an arts organization, the good and the bad.

I am happy to do the not so fun work that most interns are stuck with but I’m so thankful that my co-workers let me take on real responsibility. I might not be the best at them, but you can’t learn if you don’t try. You especially can’t learn if you’re not given the chance to.

And now that I’ve been given the chance, I have improved immensely. TITAS has truly prepared me to take on the world after graduation next year. Without them, I’m not sure I would have learned as much as I have.

Thank you TITAS! You are now my forever home.

With love,


July 15, 2018

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