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Midterm Madness

It’s about that time! Midterms are either here or right around the corner and I just want you to know that you’re not alone in your suffering. The mid semester slump comes at least twice a year and can be the thing that prevents the infamous 4.0. I know I always get flustered around this time as I start to think about the building stress around me. I want to share with y’all five things I do to get through midterm craziness.

I present, the Joi Ware list to surviving midterms:

1. Call Your Mom

This is the rule to live by. Moms fix everything. I could eat a piece of broccoli and would call my mom to tell her. I call her at least once a day to tell her about something going on, just to bother her, or to ask for something (mostly this one). As soon as I hear that familiar “Hello,” my worries wash away. For the sake of your sanity (and hers), call your mom (or dad).

2. Dance, Exercise, or Get Active

You’re probably thinking, she’s definitely going to pick dance. But, dance is school for me. So, I chose other ways to be active. A run in the morning to clear my mind before I full day usually does it. You don’t have to go crazy but getting your body moving and sweating can open up new channels for clear thinking. This will make it easier to focus during study time. I know the non workouters are rolling their eyes at this one, but a walk can be exercise too. Take the scenic route on the way home next time.

3. Treat Yourself

No, it doesn’t have to involve money. It is extremely important to do things for yourself. I like to get a good meal, like a really good meal. Or go to the movies by myself. There are tons of stuff you can do to treat yourself without spending money. Cook yourself a meal, take a break to watch an episode of your favorite show, visit a friend, go pet a dog. It’s little things that get us through the hard moments.

4. Go Outside

It’s the beginning of October and even here in Pittsburgh the weather is still pretty warm. Go outside and enjoy the breeze or the sun before we dwindle into Fall and that pesky Winter. For me, a change of scenery always does the trick.

5. Let It All Out

One of the most unhealthy things you can do is hold in your emotions. All of my friends know that I’m not a heavily emotional person but, when it rains it pours. Sometimes, you just need a good cry and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I got out my midterm cry the other day when it felt like my stresses were eating me alive. So, go ahead and cry it out but after, wipe those tears and keep it moving.

In the midst of choreographing a piece, dancing in one, taking 20 credits, working, doing homework, keeping a somewhat normal social life together, calling my mom, going to church, and actually sleeping and eating, I have to find things to get me through it all. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re struggling, odds are you’re not alone. I’ll probably have at least two more cry sessions before next week is over. And don’t even get me started on how many I’ll have before this semester is over. Do something, anything, to get you away from studying. But, after you’ve been refreshed, get back to achieving that 4.0.

Disclaimer: This list isn’t just for college students. Anyone can apply this to wherever they are in life. Even if there is absolutely nothing stressing you out (I doubt it), it’s good to have a reminder.  

With love,


October 5, 2018

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