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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I have been debating what to write about going into week 6 of my internship. It recently dawned on me that I had been doing a lot of work with print and physical mail while working at TITAS Presents. So, this blog is all about the importance of them.

I have noticed that the majority of TITAS Presents donors, sponsors, and patrons are older than 40. Occasionally, they will get a few groups of dancers from surrounding schools but for the most part the audience is filled with age 40+ supporters.

This is not unusual in the arts, especially dance. Dance, at least ballet, was performed by royalty. Therefore, if you were wealthy, then you were more likely to learn dance. When it became an actual art form, the wealthy were the ones who were watching it. This has been the cycle until recently. With the merging of different races and cultures into classical dance came accessibility.

Even though dance is more accessible than ever, the culture of who supports it has changed very little. TITAS caters to their audience. Because their patrons respond well to physical mail and print, that is what we do. I was born into the age of technology, so I never knew how much these two were still used. Many organizations need to evaluate how crucial physical mail and print are to their company to know how often it needs to be used.

It is very important to know how to reach your audience but, it is also essential to knowing who you’re not reaching. It is no secret that dance is not getting minorities and younger people into seats.

TITAS Presents is aware of this and is doing their best to change up the way they get information out. They hope to expand their patron culture by investing more into their social media and bringing diverse performances and companies to Dallas.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to work for TITAS. They recognize the communities they are not connecting with and try to immerse them into a world of dance. I respect TITAS Presents commitment to this, but I also know we have ways to go as a company, city, and art form.

The best way to support this mission is to continue to advocate for organizations like TITAS. They believe in expanding the arts to everyone and I hope this comes true one day.

With love,


June 17, 2018

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